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Dreaming of the perfect suit?

Peppers offers a complete custom made service.

Let your creative side go wild and design your own wedding, formal or work suit.

Perfect for the groom who wants to wear a bespoke outfit that fits immaculately and allows him to stand out from the rest of the party.

A simple tuxedo can be made extraordinary by choosing an Italian wool, a lush velvet, a subtle brocade or ivory.

For a less formal wedding choose from an inspiring range of beautiful cloths – plain wools, checks, stripes, linens and silk blends.

 Peppers  specialises in Evening Tails and Morning Suits.

The suit we create for you will be made to your exact dimensions in the style that you have designed.

A two piece suit will start at $1650.00 and takes a minimum of 12 weeks to make.

 Peppers can also offer an Australian made service, beginning at $2500.00 for the two piece suit.

An appointment is necessary, please do not hesitate to call us with any queries you may have.

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