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Always in store are the quality range of Saville Row pure wool dinner suits. Beautifully structured and made using Australian Merino wool these suits come in a large size range and in different fits. The two piece is $680.00. We keep a basic size range in stock, allow 3 days for other sizes to arrive.
Brocade, velvet and patterned tuxedo jackets are also available. Styles and sizes vary according to availability.
Waistcoats can be matched back to the suit at $220.00 or in brocade from $145.00.

We keep samples of the gorgeous range of VARCE ITALIA tuxedo jackets. From silver , gold or ivory paisley to purple, blue and green velvet these are a great and inexpensive option for balck tie.  Lovely slim fit and excellent quality from $350.00

                                                               Also in store are samples of GIBSON velvet jackets, in a beautiful quality velvet starting at $450.00.

Day Suits

The range available to order is close to limitless .
Our linen blend “Sand suit” is always popular, perfect for beach and destination weddings – the two piece suit is $595.00
We can also access blue, navy, grey, charcoal and black all year round – the two piece suit will be $695.00
Colours such as light blue, burgundy, pink and green will also be available at times depending on what the suppliers have in their range.
Waistcoats are generally available to match back to the suit, usually around $220.00

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Peppers includes minor alterations at no extra charge.